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Creation is elevated to art with unmatched technical precision. There is beauty in the functionality of Sassoon technique. Directly reflecting the bone structure, sympathetic to the natural fall and texture of the hair, a Sassoon cut becomes part of the wearer’s personality, it reflects their mood and their lifestyle.

As hair moves, the dynamic of the shape changes, creating a different silhouette with alternate effects. At Sassoon the process is as important as the finished look.

The application of technique creates mastery of form, which in turn creates wearable, functional hair.
The face is an architectural frame as the clarity of the line against the skin accentuates and delineates the bone structure.


While crafted cuts are designed to complement bone structure, individual colours are created to suit skin tone. The process itself is a work of art, based on the principles of colour and their properties. Used in ways to actively affect shape, either accentuating the definition of a line, increasing the depth of graduation, or emphasising the textural quality of layering.

There is a rhythmic, repetitive precision applied to the foiling process, each foil section is accurately positioned, folded and perfectly aligned. The geometrical nature of the sectioning for a total colour belies the fluidity of the finished result. The hair and its shape are a blank canvas.