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1-ON-1 Tuition is available upon request, please call for more information


If you have individual objectives that supersede the current range of Sassoon courses, then contact us for a personalized 1-ON-1 program. Our team are here to work with you to design a unique learning experience for any number of days that will expand your skill repertoire and increase your earning potential. 

A 1-ON-1 tuition environment provides a higher degree of bespoke instruction. Students will benefit from immediate constructive feedback after every haircut and colour and are encouraged to document their work by taking before and after photographs as well as being assisted in making notes, drawing and diagrams.

Please be advised that all hands-on and demonstration work undertaken by the student and the Sassoon team will be conducted on live models and not on doll heads or wig blocks.

For any number of days, our team are here to work with you on designing a unique learning experience that will expand your skill repertoire and increase your earning potential.  

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