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The Postgraduate course is unique in design, innovative in content and specifically created to meet the needs of newly qualified students, or those with existing experience who are hungry for more and wish to learn all that is Sassoon.  During the course you will grasp a strong sense of modern hair technique, be immersed in the definitive abc series and contemporary work of Sassoon and even have the chance to study our world renowned and highly sought after teaching techniques. The course is divided evenly into three in-depth levels of instruction, giving you the opportunity to attend the Sassoon Academy course for one week and includes all of the prep time necessary to get ready for your final photo shoot.

You will receive personal guidance and mentoring from the world renowned Sassoon teaching team throughout all levels of the course. A personal appraisal will be conducted after your mock examinations to ensure that you are achieving your learning goals. Also at the end of the course to discuss your future.

The formal learning structure of the course encompasses all of the elements necessary to provide you with that important boost needed to make your mark in the competitive hairdressing world.

In the final stage of the Postgraduate course you will also participate in a photoshoot where we will guide you on theme, clothes styling, make-up, mood boards and lighting, everything you will need to know to arrange your own photo shoot.

The entire course is presented in a collaborative and coaching spirit ensuring that you feel supported and encouraged throughout. On successful completion of this course you will be presented with a Sassoon graded Diploma.

You will have full access to Streaming the abc classic training videos during the duration of your course PLUS you will have full access to the abc classic training eBooks in cut, colour and men indefinitely.


COURSE DATES Dates shown with an asterisk * denote a public holiday
17 Jan 2022 6 Jun 2022
16 Weeks
Postgraduate Diploma

Stage One

(Weeks 1-5)

This level will introduce you to abc cutting hair the Sassoon way and abc colouring hair the Sassoon way. Also included in this level:

  • Sassoon history and philosophy
  • abc | colouring hair the Sassoon way
  • Technical theory and colour formulation
  • Introduction to Sassoon Professional colour
  • Conducting a successful client consultation
  • Suitability, proportion and bone structure lecture
  • Excelling at client care and building client relationships
  • abc | Cutting Hair the Sassoon Way
  • Blow-dry and finishing hair using Sassoon methods
  • Style and finish hair using product
  • abc men | Cutting Hair the Sassoon Way
  • Men’s hair & fashion history lecture

Stage Two

(Weeks 6-10)

Sassoon contemporary classic cutting and colouring will be introduced at this level, together with delivering the skills you have learnt within a time frame. The world renowned Sassoon teaching methods will also be introduced.

  • Continued practice of abc techniques
  • Contemporary classic cutting
  • Preparation for photoshoot including model scouting
  • Increased practical sessions
  • Demonstration skills lecture
  • Step by step teaching lecture
  • Public speaking lecture
  • Lesson planning lecture
  • Lecturing skills lecture
  • Collection conception
  • Practical assessment of cut, colour and coaching skills
  • Personal appraisal

Stage Three

(Weeks 11-16)

The final 6 weeks will employ all of the skills you have learned, plus you will get the opportunity to attend the advanced academy course for one week.

  • Advanced cutting and colouring techniques
  • Disconnection
  • Working independently, using initiative
  • Working within a time frame
  • Final preparation for photoshoot
  • abc | Finish skills
  • Latest Academy collection demonstration
  • Including finished look models
  • Practice cut, colour and styling collection techniques
  • Collection inspiration lecture
  • Your collection photoshoot
  • Final appraisal including personal guidance
  • Gallery event to showcase your collection images


Sassoon training is globally recognised as the ultimate in hairdressing education, providing you with a passport to a successful career in the international world of hair.

For over 60 years, the reputation of Sassoon Academy has been built on developing and providing world-class education at our hair academies and education centres around the globe. Through an unparalleled system of training that has become definitive, our instructors deliver our hairdressing courses with passion and professionalism, inspiring generations of Hair Professionals of all levels of experience.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of hairdressing courses designed to meet a variety of learning requirements in both cut and colour all completed with the coveted Sassoon Academy Certificate. From our world-renowned Beginners course, the start point of thousands of successful graduates to our acclaimed weekly Classic and Creative courses and the ultimate Seasonal Masters course, alumni of Sassoon Academy are building successful careers in all areas of the global hairdressing industry.

Training at a Sassoon hair academy will ensure that not only will you gain real commercial skills from our hairdressing courses; you will become part of the extended Sassoon Family and take away with you a piece of the culture that created Sassoon.


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