24 Week Diploma

The course is divided into five in-depth stages covering all of the subjects needed to provide you with a fast track to hairdressing success.


Are you passionate about becoming a hair professional?

There is no finer beginning for anyone wanting to make their first mark on the world of hair than the 24 week Sassoon Diploma course. Recognised worldwide as the ultimate in modern hair education, every one of the key cutting and colouring techniques that underpin the Sassoon philosophy will be passed on to you, the newest generation of qualified hair professionals.

The course is divided into five in-depth stages covering all of the subjects needed to provide you with a fast track to hairdressing success. The nature and content of each stage develops as you progress through the course. However, some things remain constant; personal guidance and mentoring from a Sassoon instructor throughout all work sessions; theory and practical assignments to assess your progress at regular intervals; a personal appraisal at the end of each stage to ensure you are achieving the learning goals required by Sassoon.

Note: Students must be at least 18 years of age to apply for this course. This course does not result in an NVQ Qualification, for students interested in receiving this please see our 30 Week Beginners Diploma course.


No formal experience is necessary, although the learner will be required to be hard working and passionate about hair!

Key Information
15,950.00 Inc VAT
24 weeks
On successful completion, you will be awarded the highly sought after Sassoon Graded Diploma.
May 14, Jul 23, Nov 05
Dates shown with an asterisk * denote a public holiday

Course modules


You will be issued with your own personal equipment which you can take with you at the end of the course. See below:

  •  Scissors 
  •  Clippers
  •  Combs 
  •  Brushes 
  •  Kit Bag
  •  Neck Brush
  •  Section Clips
  •  Water Spray
  •  Diva Pro Intelligent Digital Styler / Straightener
  •  Diva Pro Rapida 4000 Pro Hairdryer

You will have full access to Streaming the abc classic training videos during the duration of your course PLUS you will have full access to the abc classic training eBooks in cut, colour and men. Note: Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all products are available, we apologise if any item is occasionally out of stock or differs to what is featured.

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STAGE ONE (Weeks 1- 4)
This stage will introduce you to the fundamental techniques that underpin all the subsequent stages that follow.
  • Sassoon history & philosophy
  • Shampooing, blow drying and finishing with products
  • Styling and setting techniques
  • Head shape and bone structure assessment
  • Client consultation technique
  • Excellent client care
  • Product knowledge
  • abc knowledge
  • Technical theory
  • Personal appraisal

After a period of understanding the dynamics of hair, the basic precision cutting skills are quickly introduced. 

STAGE TWO (Weeks 5-9)
This stage gives you access to the unique world of ladies haircutting. You will start to practise the knowledge and skills you have learned on real hair. You will also be introduced to the world of colour.
  • Work sessions on all abc ladies techniques 
  • Demonstrations / lectures on all ladies techniques 
  • Recap over blow drying / consultation lecture 
  • Expanding your product knowledge
  • Colour formulas
  • Colour charts
  • Introduction to abc colouring hair the Sassoon way
  • Personal appraisal
STAGE THREE (Weeks 10-14)
This exciting stage will cover the complete theory and application of abc colouring hair the Sassoon way.
  • abc colouring hair the Sassoon way
  • a total colour techniques
  • b partial colour techniques
  • c combination colour techniques
  • Contemporary colouring techniques
  • Classic perm techniques
  • Colouring and technical exam
  • Personal appraisal
STAGE FOUR (Weeks 15-19)
This stage draws together many of the skills learned to give you more confidence and introduces abc Men.
  • A recap of all cutting techniques
  • introduction / history of men’s hair
  • abc Men cutting hair the Sassoon way
  • Scissor over comb techniques
  • Crops / layering
  • Graduated men’s shapes
  • Clippers and finishing techniques
  • Customer care
  • Professional salon etiquette
  • Mock practical exam
  • Personal appraisal
STAGE FIVE (Weeks 20-24)
The final stage of the course is designed to give you the time to perfect the skills you have learned and utilise the knowledge that you have gathered to prepare you for working in a salon environment. You will also study the following elements:
  • Further men’s haircutting
  • Working on your own and using your initiative
  • Working within a time frame
  • Introduction to disconnection and freehand techniques
  • Practical exam
  • Personal appraisal
  • Employment interview techniques

Sassoon reserve the right to alter/change the sequence of learning content


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what our students say

Have been on Salon Creative and ABC now and both courses have taught me so much every time. The way I cut hair & think about hair cuts has changed completely – in the best way!!

Phoebe Carraro,
Sutton, UK

Attended Salon Creative and ABC Cut

I took this course without knowing what the class is going to be like. But I love doing everything in one week. Great course! I love all the instructors. Thank you!

Kanna Ryan,
Kansas, USA

Attended ABC Complete

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of myself and the other two KH hair owners. Three team members attended last weeks ABC cutting course and were absolutely blown away. Thank you so much they have gained so much from attending.

Helen fuller the owner of KH Hair Hinckley

Team members attended ABC Cut

I was recommended this course through a previous diploma student. It has opened me up to many different ways which hairdressing can take me without just working in a salon. I have learnt so much since being with Sassoon, when I started I couldn’t hold scissors and didn’t think in 6 months I would be creating some of the cuts and colours which I have been. Sassoon has been extremely beneficial to me in many ways.

Millicent Rice-Carroll,
London, UK

Attended 30 Week Diploma

Testimonial: Where can I start? The cutting courses at Sassoon have taken me to a different level in my understanding of the concept of precision hair cutting techniques. The courses are inspirational, motivational and creative yet there is still a practical emphasis so that the new techniques learnt can be assimilated into your salon work. I recommend all of the Sassoon courses yet the stand out course for me was the barbering, and considering the growth of the male market, in that I returned from the course I increased my male clientele by 30%. Sassoon courses stand head and shoulders above all over courses, and believe me I have tried others, they truly are the world leaders in Hair Design and creativity so if you want to invest in your career look no further than the Sassoon academy.

Nathan Tonge,
Greenmount, UK

Attended ABC Cut and abc Men and Salon Creative

Testimonial: This course is very exciting for me to able to see and understand the new collection from Sassoon. The demos are very detailed and amazing. I am able to understand the technique and shapes of the hairstyle that were used and created. The instructors are all very friendly and nice. They are very patient to guide me through the whole cutting guides and technique. The team is very unique and their ways of cutting are super detailed and extraordinary. I will come back for other courses in the future for sure.

Annie Tsz Wan Yu,
Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Attended Collection Course

I really enjoyed the course and felt I learnt a lot from it. It has really helped my confidence levels and I have a clearer understanding of how to use angles when achieving different looks. I’m using the different techniques in the salon on a daily basis. I’d love to come back to do another course and would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is a lacking confidence in their technical ability.

Annie Cerri Willis,
London, UK

Attended ABC Cut

I was delighted to experience the ABC course and was very inspired by the academy itself and my teachers. I use many of the techniques I have learnt from the course in my everyday work and will definitely attend more courses in the future. As a newly qualified stylist the course gave me the confidence I needed to achieve my goals in making my clients feel and look better. The abc course helped me to define my lines and shapes and proved to me...you can never stop learning, no matter how old you are.

Sophia Lorrimer,
Boreham Wood, UK

Attended ABC Cut


Why should I choose Vidal Sassoon Academy over another institution?

Vidal Sassoon training is globally recognised as the ultimate in hairdressing education, providing you with a passport to a successful career in the international world of hair. Synonymous with excellence, the Vidal Sassoon Academy delivers the finest education for beginners and experienced hair professionals.

For over 65 years, the reputation of Vidal Sassoon has been built on developing and providing world-class education at our hair academies and education centres around the globe. Through an unparalleled system of training that has become definitive, our instructors deliver our hairdressing courses with passion and professionalism, inspiring generations of Hair Professionals of all levels of experience.

Continually developing an ever-evolving series of educational opportunities that have become definitive, including its world-renowned propriety methods, abc Cutting And Colouring Hair The Vidal Sassoon Way. That legacy and commitment to sharing knowledge has grown exponentially over the last six decades and positions Vidal Sassoon Academy as the global leader in industry education. 

The forward thinking that epitomises Vidal Sassoon Academy continues to be seen on a daily basis with the wide range of courses offered to meet a variety of experience levels and learning needs. We strive to guide all of our students to achieve technical and creative excellence, and with the selection of courses available, plus continuous evolvement of our curriculums to reflect our seasonal collections and trends, we believe that no other institution compares to Sassoon Academy.

Who are your students?

Our students are a combination of loyal, experienced hair professionals who want to update their skills and new students who would like to experience the Vidal Sassoon method for the first time. We appreciate that it takes commitment and courage to study something new, especially if you are changing careers and have not been inside a classroom for some time. However, bear in mind that you will be taking a course with likeminded individuals, who are also passionate and committed to education. They will accompany you on your Vidal Sassoon journey and oftentimes become lifelong friends and invaluable contacts in the industry.

Who are your Instructors?

Extremely talented individuals with extensive experience and knowledge of the Vidal Sassoon proprietary methods, our Instructors are the friendliest, passionate and most patient people you will meet. They will encourage you every step of the way and work diligently to ensure you obtain the most out of your time at the Vidal Sassoon Academy.

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