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Sassoon Direct

Intimate learning in a salon environment

At Sassoon we realize that not everyone can get to a dedicated education center with the frequency that they would like, so let us do the traveling! Our Sassoon Direct seminars are ideally suited to small audiences and can last from one to five days, depending on the depth or level of education required. The environment allows for a high degree of detailed instruction, where every day begins with a demonstration, and the afternoon is devoted to hands-on learning.The optional addition of ‘walk on’ presentation models can provide impact in illustrating the finished looks. Personalized diplomas are available for purchase upon request. The Sassoon Direct format can be delivered in an alternative venue, should your salon not be spacious enough. Just consult the Event Team for a personalized consultation. You set the learning goals and we deliver.

Please be advised that all hands-on and demonstration work undertaken by the Sassoon team will be carried out on live models only and not on doll heads or wig blocks.

Once we understand your requirements, whether an intimate tutorial in your salon or an inspiring visual hair show, we will design a tailored event that meets only one need – yours. Our dedicated team of advisors is on hand to give the very best advice on which event is right for you.  

So leave the packing to us, and let our unique creative team make sure that your Sassoon experience is a memorable one. From models to make-up, choreography to cabs, the shows division will leave you confident that you will receive an event perfectly tailored to meet your objectives.

*Sassoon Direct was formerly known as In-Salon Workshops.

Audience size
Maximum 60

Event running time
Personalized - 1 to 5 days


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