New Minimalism

The new spring summer Academy collection has arrived.

The Spring Summer Sassoon Academy collection has arrived and we are excited to be offering three new collection step-by-steps techniques from the new collection, available at Sassoon Online

The strength of the collection lies in the process of well-executed design, personalised functionality and consummate craftsmanship.

Our collections always add new ideas and techniques, building on looks that celebrate our heritage. They may be based on the principles of classic design, but are always evolving, discovering new expressions in method and in attitude.

They underpin our look and always state “This is still relevant; this is still cool.” 

The looks range from super short to super long, and each one is constructed as a capsule collection in and of itself. The shortest looks are punk inspired with fine strips of hair that slice through the cuts producing a saw tooth effect. The colours are infused in back-to-back slice panels in ashy tones of green, lavender, violet and brown or vivid elliptical bands of blood red and violet. 

The next capsule collection is inspired by the Nancy Kwan cut, the Sassoon signature look and the most visual manifestation of the brands ethos. For this collection it is created with a twist, either classically cut, with reverse layers or the new Trigon sectioning pattern. The colours feature geometric patterns, sombre and ash based in deepest marine blue in a chocolate base or steel grey in a natural blonde. 

The final collection concentrates on long and super long ‘mood cuts’. These looks are free spirited and playful and belie the geometric nature of their creation. Disconnected panels push the hair around the head, creating loose, gently ruffled silhouettes. Colours either graduate down the hair shaft in blues and violets, created from rounded rectangular sections. Or a reincarnation of the digital barcode technique in lightest blonde and lavender brown. 

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