The new Academy collection has arrived

Following the launch of the Sassoon 65th Anniversary collection in 2019 and the 2020 collection that explored the link between Sassoon and The Bauhaus, SASSOON NOW completes the trilogy with a collection that celebrates the iconic Sassoon brand today.

The collection draws inspiration from the creative hands and minds of the International Creative Team and their muses and features cuts and colours that reflect a free-spirited optimism that has its roots in bohemian modernism.

Divided into themes that represent different characters and different energies, the collection draws upon the rich Sassoon heritage, while retaining a distinctly modern edge. New cutting and colouring techniques give the collection a broad appeal and the addition of super long hair provides a new dynamic to the Sassoon Look.

Sassoon International Creative Director Mark Hayes says “The three collections in this triptych show how, while we are inspired by our rich heritage and our association with the worlds of design and art, we continually strive to find new ways to work with hair that reflects the brand today, developing and re-defining the Sassoon look for a new generation.”

The cutting techniques for the collection are inspired by the individual wearer. Looks range from a modern interpretation of the bob, the ultimate Sassoon signature look, as well as longer versions of this iconic shape that skim the shoulders with a cool, insouciant attitude.

Mid-length layered shapes feature too, inspired by The Mouche and the Shake, iconic Sassoon looks of the 70s, they reappear here with new techniques of reverse layering and subtle undercutting.

New ideas revolve around ultra-long hair, which are combined with shorter interior lengths and gentle face framing shapes that are enhanced by concealed layered panels.

Textures suggest a relaxed, modern appeal. The hair is prepped with the
accent on moisture and flexibility and dried for supple movement and understated shine.

Although there is room for bright accents of ice blue and blood red, the colours for the collection centre around a modern, natural feeling. To reinforce the feeling of liberation and originality, classic techniques are reinvented and applied in advanced, innovative ways.

Tones of chalk white and coal black are applied through a mid-length cool, caramel base with a new version of the barcoding technique. Back brush highlighting in shades of honey and warm blonde are used in a layered shape to add dimension and depth.

The collection also features masterful reinventions of classic two tone and back-to-back slice techniques.

Sassoon Now continues the legacy, creating new stories for the iconic Sassoon brand.

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